Monday, 2 November 2009

The windfarm and the eagle - II

Second to my previous post on the South Lochs windfarms (Eishken and Pairc), my attention was drawn to another aspect of this case - the Gravir substation and interconnector. The substation, if realised, will industrialise the South Lochs moorlands and the village of Gravir. However, neither will be required in my opinion if the Pairc and Eishken windfarms are denied planning approval on account of the Basses Corbières ruling. The case for the interconnector was always based on the construction of the two windfarms.

The Pentland Road scheme, which I reported on last week, also has a question mark hanging over it on account of a population of golden eagles near the Achmore turn-off, and (in my layman's perspective) is in equal jeopardy. If the BC ruling is held to be applicable in all three cases, then there will be NO renewable energy project in the Western Isles, and no case at all for the interconnector.

I am aware of the community windfarms which are in blueprint for North Tolsta, Horshader and  Ballantrushal. I am aware of the possible Pelamis project off Bernera. But none of these projects are in the planning process (as far as I am aware).

The Shader tidal energy barrage? This will only generate power for 1,500 homes, i.e. a good chunk of the electricity demand of Lewis. Local renewable energy schemes, in my opinion, are the way forward.


  1. Basses Corbiéres,as in departement de l'Aude in France? If so what is the connection?

  2. Thanks Arnish-----its strange in my area of France we have loads of windfarms and they are all around protected sites for the "BONELI EAGLE" which is an endearged species. A close friend of ours is the head of the bird protection team in our area and so far he hasn't said anything about the eagles being injured or killed yet: