Thursday, 8 March 2007

First Minister

Jack McConnell paid a visit to Lewis on Monday, as I reported in my last post. He experienced the airtraffic control problems at first hand, suffering a half hour (or so) delay, as the one controller had to take a break.

Mr McConnell also brought a drugs dog to Lewis, which will be used to sniff illicit substances on people and in goods coming to the island. Roxy will be deployed at the airport and in the ferry terminals. A handler, a local police constable, has also been trained.

Drugs are not a major problem in the island, but they have not left it unaffected. Cocaine, cannabis and heroin have all been detected in small quantities. I hope the presence of Roxy and her handler will act as a deterrant - illicit drugs is something that everybody, the world over, can do without.

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