Monday, 5 March 2007

Lunar eclipse 3 March 2007

Last Saturday's lunar eclipse was eminently visible from Stornoway, so here are a few snaps I took between 9.30pm and 12.30am.






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  1. "Now that's more like it! Your photos are SO much better than mine! :)"

    Anne from IBHQ
    "I think you'll find Captain Morrison is trying a new route out. He hasn't Calmac's permission and MacLeod's drivers are going to be a bit put out, but he is picking Fank applicants from NZ Australia then nipping round to British Columbia. The boat is carrying sufficient Macaroni and Chicken Curry to see it through till June. That's what happens when the captain's from Galson and I can pull on a favour. The moon shots - does the pink count as 6 points?"

    calumnavigable from Fank HQ
    "thanks for the photos they are super"

    carol from france
    "Pink? Pink? It's a fiery opal dammit! I think the parental units were exiting Woodwick House somewhere between the 10:40 and the 11:50. Minus camera of course.... Such is liff. So glad you caught it."

    Flying Cat from Starry gazey piecrust
    "Seeing as Calum's getting special treatment from Calmac, maybe he could get some forensic analysis of their magic macaroni on the Isle of Lewis ferry. It doesn't ever seem to change or run out and the cheddar must be very mature indeed by now."

    Annie B from the usual
    "Calmac galley persons go on a special course to learn the arcane culinary art of perpetual food....sourdough; the stockpot; everlasting macaroni; and the oldest trick in the book, How To Scrape Mould off Hard Cheese...."

    Flying Cat from Cheddar Gorge
    "my comments aint going thru"

    rick from grrr
    "I can answer this question,it is believed that a fishing boat had dropped anchor in ullapool sound,thus causing a ripple effect on the sea and the ferry operators where unsure of the time it would take to settle enough for the ferry to sail,so a safe bet was to assume sometime in May was a good estimation that the danger had passed,a spokeman is reported to have said that although the ferry has two bow thrusters it was better to be safe, than sorry,it is also reported the two thrusters will be arrested on arrival of the ferry to safegaurd the good reputation of the ferry operators,.I personally suspect april 1st first would have been a better projection than may the 3rd,but there is no fooling some people,."

    The New Point Bard from Point.