Friday, 9 March 2007

Park Windfarm

Read in a small article in the Press and Journal today, that Scottish and Southern Energy have discussed with the Park Trust proposals for siting a windfarm on their land. The turbine towers here will rear 500 feet above ground level, although their number was not disclosed. Total capacity would be around the 250 MW mark.

First of all, the Park Trust do NOT own the estateland in South Lochs just yet. They are currently entangled in a legal fight to wrest ownership from the sitting landlord and into community ownership.

Whether these turbines are part of the Eishken Windfarm, which is expected to gain planning consent from the Scottish Executive later this month, or a separate entity is not entirely clear to your writer. The 53-turbine Eishken Windfarm contains 6 turbines for the community of Kinloch, of which Pairc is a part

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