Sunday, 29 April 2007

A corner of Ness

Visited the old cemetery in the machair behind Suainebost on Friday, before walking up the coast to Eoropaidh. Just thought I'd share some of the images.

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  1. "A beautiful buffbottomed of fpu's favourite things...."

    Flying Cat from buzzing around
    "it must have been dry ! "

    mary from macduff
    "Most of my family is in that cemetery - most peaceful place on earth,"

    calumannabel from Near Swainbost
    "one word--WONDERFUL!"

    carol from the usual place
    "Nice pics Arnish. Have you been to Habost Cemetery? The views from there are lovely. "

    One of Calum's undead relatives from Land of the living
    "VERY interesting pictures, Arnish. Thank you. # Picture 2 though puzzles me: why do most of the head stones in the cemetery look so beaten up/broken. I guess it is not an active cemetery? Even then ... Don't you have an active historical society, or some community organization which would take care of the upkeep? What about the denomination which once oversaw the cemetery? Rather shocked ..."

    mjc from NM,USA
    " Swainbost Cemetery is very old and beautiful mjc. It's full of wild greenery and is very peaceful - dead calm in fact, apart from the seagulls, sheep, the Atlantic, etc. Habost Cemetery is in use just now. I'll look out a snap and put it on the blog."

    Annie B from the usual
    "Thanks, Annie B. Looking forward to the picture."

    mjc from NM,USA
    "south galson: now I see what the islanders mutter how they don't need tumble dryers. However, I don't see any Primark underwear flapping in the wind: do islanders wear anything under those blouses/shirts, slacks and jeans. Just an anthropological curiosity..."

    mjc from NM,USA