Thursday, 26 April 2007

Ten days to go...

And we're having elections for the Scottish Parliament and the local council. Other blogs have waxed lyrical about the new wards in the Western Isles. Particularly in Lewis & Harris - remember, it's ONE island landmass - where various disparate communities are lumped together for no reason other than a line on a map.

Harris, for instance, is under the same umbrella as South Lochs. Now, I am aware that the two aren't a million miles apart - only the width of Loch Seaforth. BUT. The habitable parts of South Lochs are a good 25 miles by road from Tarbert.

Which handsomely leads me on to disparity 2: North Lochs and Uig. These two communities couldn't be more different. Like them both very much, but again, they are up to 35 miles apart, and separated by a largish body of water called Loch Langabhat and the most inhospitable terrain that Lewis can offer. I've walked from the Uig road to Balallan (yes, that's Lochs), and it's rough going.

Mind you, it could be worse. If you link Harris to Uig, you're really making the laughing stock of yourself. The communities of Brenish (Uig) and Huisinis (Harris) are 7 miles apart by sea. The distance by road is a mere 78 miles.

Still on the subject of Lochs, I noticed the other day that the third turbine is finally going up along the Grimshader road - they brought in a new one the other day, to replace the turbine that is now providing a wildlife habitat at the bottom of the North Sea. It went overboard from the ship, bringing the machine back from Denmark last October.

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  1. "yes...we noticed it had gone up too....yet another lovely(not!!) wind turbine to see at all time by day and yet another blinking red light to see at night, i do feel so sorry for those that may(but hopefully won't) have to see these ugly things en mass right outside their homes."

    tanith from point
    "Now that there is freedom of movement within the European community I think Uig and South Lochs should be able to vote in the Lake Geneva ward for the French president and the residents of Paris should have a say as to who represents Brue. What says everyone?"

    calumavavote from Party HQ Portnaguran
    "So, that Anita Brookner book was actually called Hotel du Lochs explains the excitement quotient..."

    Flying Cat from a high bookshelf
    "Oui I agree we should all be able to vote in everyones election - not! "

    Crofterbill from just out of the bunker
    "I was thinking of casting a vote in the by-election for the constituency of Texas Northwest, which will be vacated on May 4th. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "By-election in Texas Northwest, Arnish? Which district is that? Curious: who was the incumbent and why is the seat vacant. # Seeing that I am closer, Arnish, could I cast the vote for you? Twice, maybe?? When in Rome ..."

    mjc from NM,USA
    "Texas Northwest is the local name for Sedgefield (County Durham), where the incumbent MP is some bigwig in the Texas oil industry."

    Malkie from Glasgow