Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Lochs revisited

Went down to Crossbost on Thursday of last week, for more business related to the Iolaire Disaster. After locating the gravestones for 14 victims in no time at all (look in the lower cemetery, closest to the shore), I went for an amble through Crossbost and Ranish, the next village, for an hour or so. Can't say I was raving about the weather, but then it's April. Just want to share a few pics.

North Lochs War Memorial, Iolaire section

Sheep on croft, Crossbost

Road to Ranish - muirburn has blackened the hill on the left

Boats on the shore of Loch Grimshader

Loch Grimshader from Ranish

Ranish Temple - not signposted from the road

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