Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Erisort Bridge

Learned today that an engineering study has been commissioned for a crossing of Loch Erisort in the Lochs area of Lewis, some 12 miles south of Stornoway. Loch Erisort is home to a number of fish farms. In order to facilitate the passage of salmon and boats, a causeway with bridge is being considered.

The crossing would cut 10 miles off the journey from Stornoway to South Lochs. Two locations are being considered, both starting from the village of Laxay. One would go from the Bhaltos area, to the east of Laxay to Habost in South Lochs. The length of this crossing is 800 metres / ½ mile; the second location would cross from Ravenspoint in Kershader to the Keose side of Laxay, which is 500 metres / ¼ mile. If the Eishken windfarm is granted planning permission by the Scottish Executive, rock, quarried from Eishken would be used in the construction of the crossing.

The engineering study is being paid for by the Eishken Estate. Below map shows the locations for the proposed crossing.

I am glad that this transport link is now moving a step closer to becoming reality. I have previously made my opposition to the windfarms in Lewis clear, and am feeling quite ambiguous about the windfarm in Eishken providing the necessary for this crossing. However, the decision is not yet final.

Proposed bridges acorss Loch Erisort

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  1. "AL are you sure the study was for a bridge and not just the SSE sub sea cable snaking its way north from the hanger to be built in Gravir. I'm also surpirsed that Eishken will have spare rock when you look at the number of borrow pits to be opened to facilitate the installation of the turbines. They might be able to make a peat causeway though. A fine answer to the problem of what do we do with all this stuff then? ach just through it in the sea over at Kershader....."

    Mark from Gravir
    "Mark, It may well be that the crossing is a double for the high-voltage cable. Thanks very much for blowing up that idea of "spare rock". Thought it was too good to be true :-D)"

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway