Saturday, 14 April 2007


I'm not given to make party-political statements on this blog. Just a couple of observations. And to make my stance on politicians-at-election-time perfectly clear: their promises are worth about as much as a tomcat's promises of everlasting fielty in March or October.

In the villages and in Stornoway, the placards have climbed up the various poles. It makes a colourful sight. The Labour Party have taken over the old shop, called D.D. Morrison & co, on Cromwell Street. As their candidate is called Morrison, they have craftily removed the "D.D." and the "& co" from the shopfront. Whether they are just as crafty as wheedling their way out of the windfarm mire remains to be seen.

The SNP have enough trouble to keep them going for a little while. Having their party's leader pictured in the West Highland Free Press, looking gloomy, in front of the Labour party's campaign headquarters is a wee bit unfortunate.

I've seen placards for the Lib Dems and the Conservatives, but am yet to discern any of their activists in the streets. Maybe later on in this riveting campaign. The Scottish Christian Party's candidate merrily cycles around town, scattering leaflets in his wake.

Local council elections are run concurrently with the Scottish Parliamentary elections, on May 3rd. The Western Isles' council wards have been thrown onto 9 new ones, with 3 or 4 councillors to be elected for each ward. What the geographical sense is in lumping North Lochs with Uig is beyond me.

As I indicated at the start of this post, I haven't got much time for party-politics or politicians, and this election-campaign wearies me no end.

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  1. "All I would say is; if you can vote you ought too. Democracy doesn't work if the demos abdicate. Too many people have suffered to gain the franchise and too many remain disenfranchised; get out and mark your paper."

    Hyper-Borean from The stump
    "Have they had planning permission to alter the signage on the shop? I agree with your stance on voting Arnish - who would want to endorse these self seeking individuals? Voting for them brings us down to their level."

    calum x from Spoilt Ballot Cottage Ness
    "Well said Hyper-Borean, I agree with you. I've always voted, even when I was bedridden, I made sure that my vote was counted."

    Tws from Soapboxville
    "Good for you Tws! I'd fine the buggers who don't vote until their eyes watered. Tick your preferred box, non-voters. 1 - Anarchy 2 - Dictatorship 3 - Democracy."

    Flying Cat from dusting down the soapbox
    "Surely after what's been happening in Lewis & Harris over the last few years, this of all elections is one to make the effort to vote in. The boring pre-election stuff can largely be bypassed by working and relaxing well away from radio, tv and the Sunday Mail. Let 'em bicker amongst themselves. Then vote on May 3rd. I ALWAYS vote. People have died fighting for these freedoms we have, but which are denied to millions in oppressed countries...(falls off soap box)...aaaaagh!!"

    X marks the spot from The Golden Road
    "Good to see that voter apathy does not exist in these islands :-))"

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "4. Kleptocracy 5. Monarchy (eh?!)"

    mjc from NM,USA
    "6. Bushocracy. Or is that the same as 4 and 5"

    Malkie from Glasgow
    "George W. has very many faults, but I don't think outright kleptocracy is a fair term for his administration. Obtuseness and outright incompetence would be more appropriate. As to 5: nah, monarchy would not fly in this country (though there is a rather strong strain of anglophilia still)."

    mjc from NM,USA
    "Damn! Trust mjc to remember those I am trying so hard to forget...Betty Boot and Phil the Greek, Charley Farley and his Horse...."

    Flying Cat from A Royal Flush
    "Necromancy, would be neat.... although most politicians would have to be magicians to deliver on any of their pre election promises. I'm a non voter and happy to know I'm in the majority. I look at the boxes and non of the folk I would vote for are there so I spoil my paper and post it back. The day Keira 'nightly stands for prime minister, I'll be first in line to vote. I dont see the point in voting when you dont want any of the candidates to win."

    Mark from Interconnector landing point
    "They don't count spoilt ballot papers. Not sure if that means you voted or not."

    Nic from Coll
    "Spoiled ballot papers mean a wasted vote. They are counted as such, but obviously do not contribute to any other total."

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "You are in error, Mr Nic from Coll. There is a validation process whereby ALL the ballot papers are counted, and they are then separated by candidate with a recount possible if the total for all candidates (including spoilt papers) does not tally with the validation total. I know, because I once stood in an election where spoilt papers got almost as many votes as me."

    Malkie from Glasgow