Friday, 5 February 2010

BBC Island Blogging: closed for business

As of next Friday, 12 February, postings nor comments will be accepted anymore on any of the blogs on the BBC Island Blogging site. Carol, who has looked after the site since it formally closed in December 2008, has secured another year's funding for this Island Blogging site (well done and thanks, Carol). I would like to echo Les's call to nip round to IBHQ on the old IB site before 12 February, and leave a word of thanks as well.

Island Blogging has been in existence since late 2003, initially just for the Argyll Islands, later including the Western and Northern Isles of Scotland as well. This blogger has been part of the IB community since December 2005, and it has been great fun. It is a pity that the BBC could not be bothered to devise a better blogging service for us, but it is good that Les has taken us under his wing up to a point to continue on this platform.

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  1. Thank you's left on the BBC site, Arnish. It is indeed a pity that BBC IB had to close.