Friday, 5 February 2010

St Kilda Centre

The unseemly squabble over the St Kilda Centre continues, with the supporters of the Cleitreabhal site in North Uist threatening to open their own centre. Meanwhile, the Ionad Hiort working group in Uig has started work towards making the centre at Mangurstadh a reality. A website is to be set up shortly, and I refer to the Comunn Eachdraidh Uige for further updates and details.

Meanwhile, I would also like to recommend for contemplation this letter by a South Uist resident. I agree with each and every point raised.


  1. Surely Arnish, you don't agree that we should just forget about the St Kildans or their brave experiment, and not supply any information or centralised archives about them on the principle that it may be seen as 'exploitation' - I certainly do not agree with that ...!

    If the Tourist industry mirrored the views of this very bitter person, it would feel compelled to close itself down ...!!

    I have no great love for Hysterical Scotland or any of the other agencies, but they put bread upon my table, in a manner of speaking ... Am I consuming tainted food ...??

  2. No, SL, I don't want to forget about St Kilda, its people or its heritage. I want this daft row to end that continues to simmer as to where the centre will be located.

  3. Ach, islanders love nothing better than a damn good feud. If it's not between friends and family members, it's between families and their friends. If not families then it's between villages, districts and Isles. I wouldn't feel too perturbed about it at all at all.

  4. emporioalanjohn is to bring out a range of fank wear and party food under the St Kilda label later this year.
    Thought you'd like to know.