Monday, 8 February 2010

Bus tickets

New ticket machines are being installed on the main bus routes in Lewis (see this article on Hebrides News). I am pleased that more advanced technology is being installed on our buses, as outlined. I am just wondering whether this will allow cross-operator ticketing. That is a mouthful which simply means: can I buy one ticket which will pay for my journey from (e.g.) Point to Carloway? At the moment, you have to pay Bus na Comhairle for the section to Stornoway, and Maclennan's Buses for the onward portion to Carloway. If this is not the case, perhaps this possibility should be at least considered and at best implemented.


  1. Why in heaven's name would anyone in their right mind and own volution want to go from Point to Carloway.
    Most of the buses in this Island are heavily subsidised and running about 3/4 empty for 90% of the time. Wait 'till the Credit Crunch really bites. There will be no people left and no need for buses. Last out switch off the lights.

  2. I think it just might you know ;)