Saturday, 22 March 2008

Audit Committee and NHS Western Isles

Trades Unions representing staff at NHS Western Isles have asked the Audit Committee of the Scottish Parliament to be interviewed on the continuing saga of the Board's problems.

On February 27th, Messrs Currie and Manson were interrogated by the Committee, and their evidence was greeted with dismay by staff. They do not agree with the former managers' version, and want to put their side of the argument across.

I remember attending the two public meetings in the Town Hall, and the public meeting organised by Mr Manson in the Caberfeidh Hotel to present the service redesign he had contrived one day after the first public meeting. Mr Manson had scheduled his meeting to coincide with the switching on of the Christmas lights in the town centre. Not a big deal, but a demonstration that he was at best out of touch with his workers. I will refrain from phrasing the "at worst" part of this expression; this is a public blog.

The next meeting of the Audit Committee will be on March 26th, next Wednesday. Business related to NHS Western Isles is the last item on the agenda. The briefing papers are available on-line, and contain a list of questions to the former Chief Executive of NHS Scotland, Mr Trevor Jones. A reply from him is awaited.

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