Sunday, 9 March 2008

Lewis Windfarm

The islanders of Lewis are anxiously awaiting whether or not the Scottish Government will approve the North Lewis Windfarm. Highlands and Islands MSP Peter Peacock had questioned the Energy Minister (Jim Mather) on the issue, but had not got an answer, as the Minister felt it inappropriate to comment on an application in progress.

Mr Peacock had queried whether there was an alternative to the Lewis Windfarm in terms of economic prosperity and job creation. Mr Mather replied that such had to be seen in the framework of European environmental legislation. The MSP has interpreted this as a positive hint towards approval, along with Western Isles Council. The Comhairle has said that no other scheme would bring equivalent benefits.

With Easter just a fortnight away, it is never a good idea to place all one's eggs in the one basket, as the Council appear to be doing.

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  1. "Easter's less than 2 weeks away? OMG "

    Tws from The Croft Lewis