Monday, 31 March 2008


It was in the news today that Stornoway Golf Club is not allowed to have its members tee off on a Sunday, an arrangement dating back 20 years or so. Non members are able to play golf on the course. The Golf Club has this restriction imposed by its landlord, the Stornoway Trust. On being asked permission for Sunday play, the Trust said no.

It is one of those contradictions for which we are less than famous. I deeply respect people's religious convictions, but do not have a lot of time for double standards.

You either forbid ALL play on a Sunday, or allow it to everybody. It is at best unfair on paying Golf Club members that they cannot play whilst non-members are free to take to the course.

Similar contradictions exist when it comes to a Sunday ferry service.

* On Easter Sunday, MV Isle of Lewis sailed across the Minch to transport a total of 20 trailers which were stuck on either side of the water.

* On Sunday, ferries ply between Skye and North Uist, and between Oban and South Uist and Barra. All three islands are part of the Western Isles, as is the Isle of Lewis.

* On Sunday, planes fly in and out of Stornoway Airport.

* People work on a Sunday to make that all happen.

* People work on a Sunday in the filling station on Sandwick Road in Stornoway to serve petrol and other goods.

Let's get ourselves straightened out, because once again we are in danger of becoming the (inter)national laughing stock. .

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