Monday, 3 March 2008

Sunday sailings and Health Board row

Calmac is discussing implementing Sunday sailings on the Stornoway to Ullapool ferry route on March 26th. They have postponed a decision several times whilst awaiting an announcement on Road Equivalent Tarriff. Now that that is set to be introduced by late October 2008, the vexed question of Sunday sailings can be tackled.

It would seem highly likely that a Sunday crossing will be introduced.

The reduced fares mean an increase in demand, for which a Sunday sailing would be necessary, to ensure sufficient capacity. Keeping the ferries (including Tarbert - Uig (Skye)) tied up on Sunday would introduce a skewed comparison with the Oban to South Uist and Barra service.

Two former chiefs of the beleaguered Western Isles Health Board have been accused of lying to the Audit Committee of the Scottish Parliament last Wednesday, when being quizzed over a report into a massive but unaccounted overspend. The former Chairman denied knowing about it, but said it had 'slipped his mind' or words to that effect. No words from the erstwhile CEO.

The report will now be forwarded to the Audit Committee, who are due to have further hearings into this case on March 12th.

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  1. "Hopefully not another false dawn,CalMac know that if they introduce the sunday service it will succeed.But what would really help is if the Scottish government introduce RET before this summer season and not at the end as is being suggested"

    swampy from Derbyshire