Wednesday, 12 March 2008


It is an unpleasant day in terms of weather, but it is positively Arctic with regards to the continuing horror saga that is the Western Isles Health Board.

I have yet to read the transcript from this morning's proceedings at the Audit Committee of the Scottish Parliament. However, it has become clear that former Chief Executive Dick Manson is still an employee of NHS Western Isles. He was seconded out to a position with NHS National Services Scotland. They pay his salary as CEO to NHS Western Isles.

Although a senior figure in NHS Scotland has denied that the post was created for Mr Manson, he was parachuted into it to get him out of an extremely difficult situation, it is said.

Leaving that to one side, Mr Manson's successor, Laurence Irvine, has been suspended on full pay for more than 6 months now over irregularities in his CV, pending an investigation. John Turner is now CEO, but NHS Western Isles is paying the salary bills of three Chief Executives, a luxury they cannot afford.

Is anyone surprised their deficits are mushrooming?

Anyone with substantiated information pertinent to the Audit Committee's investigation can visit this webpage

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  1. "I'm afraid that when I was still in the big wide world of commerce, irregularities in *anyones* CV would've brought instant dismissal ...! Indeed, on one occasion when my over-zealous and endlessly-optimistic employer sent me on a contract for which I was technically not qualified (and didn't give *me* this information!), I enjoyed the experience of being escorted from the building whilst having my elbows held on each side by one of their security guards ...!! I can laugh about that now ... !! It really is a different world for the old-school-tied and well-connected, compared with the treatment meted out to the hoi polloi, isn't it ...!"

    soaplady from a resounding tut-tutt"