Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Batten down the hatches

The big fight has started. The Lord's Day Observance Society have now instructed a sollicitor to argue their case against the introduction of a Sunday ferry service, rubbishing all the arguments put forward by ferry operators Calmac. They are accused of naked commercial greed.

I am bemused by the assertion that Calmac's legal advice has not been published. I have seen it printed out on several local blogs, which to me means it has been published, if not by Calmac. The letter, which I'm checking on as I type, is pretty clear.

I am considering relocating to the Arnish Gun Emplacements, getting food in from Tesco's by special tender to Downie's Harbour and chartering MV Lochnevis to bring me guns and ammo. This is High Noon at the Ferry Corral, and it's every man for himself. Where's my helmet?


  1. Did you see the post on Iain Maciver's blog - now removed - entitled "Is the LDOS Split on Sunday Sailings?" saying that the two spokesmen from LDOS appeared not be singing from the same hymnsheet (so to speak), and that the head of LDOS didn't know who this Angus Mackay was and was non-committal on whether a legal challenge would be raised.

    But now removed anyway, for reasons we'll have to guess at. This is going to be the mother of all stushies. Next step will be for positions to be entrenched (I feel my foxhole deepening already) and nasty stuff to start flying. I blame the council for not addressing this issue at all, and leaving it to the law of the jungle. Whatever the outcome, and I think it's pretty obvious, this will be needlessly unpleasant now.

  2. Is this the same Iain Maciver who writes about buses? What is the link to his blog or has his entire blog been removed?

  3. Asgerd, I did see that blogpost last night, and am not surprised it was pulled. And regarding the Comhairle, I am nearly abandoning my principle of Nil Desperandum - can't they do anything right?

  4. Lady GarGar

    No, it's not Iain Don who is on the buses (most hilariously).

    This Iain is the factor for the Stornoway Trust (which is collectively opposed to Sunday activity, apparently). His blog is here:

    Arnish - they're so out of their depth, they'll be growing gills and fins next.

  5. At least then they will be edible and therefore useful. Pusillanimity never produces good results. Ever.

  6. Nope FC, you only need to look 250 miles south of here to see what manner of consequences that has had over a period of 40 years.

  7. what amazes me is that somewhere like Uist and Barra have sunday sailings but still maintain the lovely tranquil island life - or am i missing something
    think your gun turrets might come in useful - is there space for others!

  8. Cloudpurple -
    Exactly right - Orkney and from what I remember Shetland too. I know where all the shielings in Uig are; they might be useful.

  9. Asgerd, anywhere between Brenish and Morsgail sounds advisable