Thursday, 21 May 2009

Can't resist

This poem, by Donald S. Murray, was originally published in the Glasgow Herald. I have to put it up, as it is so evocative of life in Lewis.

We do not need road-maps
to be sure of our direction.

No green lights gee us up to go
No red lights halt our progress

Only the passing-places where we greet
stranger and neighbour with a wave

Yet there are times we long to be snared
in a snarl of streets and bye-roads

Caught in a confusion of choices
Bewildered by the breadth of highways

To drive in the knowledge our journey
will not end on a pierhead

Or terminate on a sandblown track
Leading to a rusty cemetery gate.


  1. or any other place that resembles heaven--as far away as possible from the cities

  2. stromnessdragon21 May 2009 at 09:08

    Very evocative - I like!

  3. Lovely - do you know which place he wrote it about Arnish?

  4. I am told he is from Ness, and particularly the old cemetery there (when approached from the cliff-side) is like that. Approach from the road by the Swainbost store right up to the machair, turn right and follow the track which parallels the cliffs at some distance. Cross the river and you're at the cemetery. The image in the post is actually of Bragar.

  5. That is a lovely poem, minds me of up here as well.

  6. Lovely words, lovely photo Arnish. Do you think the grass is always greener on the other side?

  7. raise the tone of IB momentarily....good man.............RJG