Sunday, 17 May 2009

IB matters

It's been a drastic few days in the world of Island Blogging, born out by a fairly heated discussion on View from the Helm. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sadness at the manner of departure of X333XXX, formerly of Achmore, presently of southern England. I wish him well in his recovery from the health problems which necessitated his departure from Lewis. I do hope it will be possible for him to return to the Hebrides at some point in the future, and resume blogging on this forum, should he so wish. A similar wish is extended to Flying Cat of Stromness, soon to be the mainland.


  1. Was the thread left by Helm really even necessary and was it constructive with a postive outcome......people left..not a good result. I Second the sentiment from Arnish and wish both FC and Mr 4x along with Taddoe best wishes and hope when the dust has settled things will be better...........RJG

  2. Many of us will continue to follow your blog and your progress back to the Islands Mr F. I am sorry to see you go - I believe you have enhanced IB, despite your location. I am sure you will have your material back, I don't believe Les is deliberately causing a problem with this....just doesn't make any sense

  3. I don't think Les has done anything deliberately either. At least I purrfer to think not. Its very nice of you to show concern at the departure of a mere feline, and a nosy one at that Mister Lighthouse. *furryhugs*
    If the main criterion for being in here is to actually physically live full-time on a Scottish Island, then there are half a dozen who shouldn't be here, along with me in 26 days time. But not before.

  4. I have stayed out of this so far ... But fx, what an inflammatory (and possibly libellous) comment you've made. As The Croft would say, 'For shame ...'
    I don't believe that Les would *ever* do what you said ...!!! I imagine its just because the xml process is difficult, and he has other calls on his time ... Perhaps he's compiling your work even as we speak ...

    When I left the BBC site, I too asked for an easy way to take my work with me, and I was offered none ... I had to 'cut and paste' from the blogs themselves ...

    GL I believe the thread was necessary, yes ... For reasons I won't list ... But the stalwart and erudite FC moving off-island probably influenced the decision to ask the questions also ... the outcome was dictated by people like yourself, who responded ...

    I believe that what Les is trying to do, is to define a 'direction' for this blogsite - a sort of Mission statement, which will ultimately dictate the cohesiveness and vibrancy of our community ... To make it easy to be 'fluid' and seamless in the future ...
    I, for one, do not envy him in that ...!

  5. Folks, this is not the place for a personal crusade. Several hundreds (or even thousands) of hours of my life for what?

  6. I wonder how many people who critised non- island blogers how many of them excpet the croft are scottish?????As i said on landlady's blog its not now you should decide you don't want non-island bloggers but in the beginning when this new site was created!

  7. Not referring to the problems we've been discussing here, I have found it a damaging and fruitless exercise to get personal on an Internet forum in a situation like this.

    Taking the pragmatic approach, I suggest we close the current discussion, both here and elsewhere on IB. Whichever problems exist should be dealt with between those directly involved, outwith these pages.

    Let's get back to doing what Island Blogging was created for, both by the BBC and since last December by Les: write about island life, about life on an island - north and west of mainland Scotland.

  8. Well said, AL. I agree totally and hope that things will settle down soon. Some people just don't know how to behave :-)