Saturday, 2 May 2009

Pairc Windfarm

It would appear that Western Isles Council is intent on saddling us with giant windfarm developments that we don't want. The Pairc Windfarm is a case in point. I fully realise that a local authority is not in the business of being popular, it should make decisions based on facts (sic), weighing up arguments for and against to come to a conclusion that will serve the good of community to the greatest extent. I highlighted the word facts.

It is reported by local news website Hebrides News that there is a point of disagreement between community body Pairc Trust and the council. The argument centres on the amount of compensation to be paid to the community by developers SSE for constructing the windfarm. The Trust states it has not reached agreement with SSE, whereas the council has gone forth and published figures on the distribution of £7.6m that SSE have put on the table for community benefit.

It is most deplorable that such appears to be the case. Before a decision is taken on approving the windfarm or not, the amount of community benefit should be clearly defined, on order that a proper balance can be drawn up. If it isn't, any such decision is not on terribly firm ground. It confirms my impression that Comhairle nan Eilean Siar will have its windfarms at any cost. Apart from the measly compensation, the job prospects (one other possible pro for any such development) do not exactly rank at the top of the scale. We were promised 400 jobs at Arnish in 2005, when the Lewis Windfarm Project was still on the cards.

The Scottish Government have the final say on the Pairc Windfarm.

Below picture is courtesy Flickr-user yobrokkin; it shows the western end of the area of South Lochs where the Pairc Windfarm is projected to be built.

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  1. Power companies do not give away money willy-nilly. Also they have little real regard for the impact their developments have on the local environment or the communities within them. Some of us have witnessed this at the various 'consulations' that they have conducted. Its the only thing they have been honest about. One thing is for certain (if the windfarm is established) and that is that CNES/WIDT/Councillors with vested interest and the Pairc Trust are going to find themselves short changed by SSE...very short changed indeed.