Sunday, 31 May 2009

Visit to Uig - 28 May 2009

Last Thursday, I went to Uig and called into the museum at Erista / Timsgarry - well worth a visit. Afterwards, I crossed the moors to Cliff and the cemetery on the road to Valtos. Although the weather was very wet, grey, misty, overcast, windy and cold, the walk was in places quite spectacular. The below video is a compilation of most of the pictures I took that day. Enjoy!



  1. Les,
    All constructive feedback appreciated. The Rachmaninoff on this video has very personal connotations, and its climax coincides with the climax on the video: the dramatic descent into Cliobh.

  2. Nach buidhe dhutsa ! Lucky you ! I hope to get back to Uig next year. Your beautiful photos will keep me focused.