Friday, 1 May 2009

NHS Western Isles

I hope this is the last posting on this previously vexed subject. The Health Service in the islands has run up a deficit of more than £3 million in the earlier years of this decade, resulting from poor management practices. Those responsible have since left the organisation, after a vociferous campaign to oust them.

The Scottish Government has given the Health Board a loan of 3.1 million pounds to wipe clean the slate. NHS WI has managed to break even in recent times. The money is due to be repaid over six years, starting in 3 years from now.

I sincerely hope this is the closure of a dark chapter in the island's health service history, and that we can now move forward, without having to look back too much.

Source: BBC Highlands and Islands


  1. I wonder how much it will cost to re-brand themselves as NHS Outer Hebrides ...?

  2. Well it cost BP a million to go from that to BP and then, deciding they didn't like it, back again! That was a while ago. Try doubling it...

  3. But they're not NHS Outer Hebrides? The proper name is NHS Eilean Siar, or at least that's what's on their letterhead and signage. I wish I'd seen that sign yesterday instead of NHS Southampton City!

  4. No, no, you've all got it wrong - it's NHS Western Isles - the BBC says so and we know the BBC are always right :smile:

  5. I was under the strong impression that I am no longer living on the Western Isles, but rather on the Outer Hebrides ... Am I wrong ...??!

  6. Someone might correct this but as I understand it ...

    The islands are referred to as The Outer Hebrides by the Ordnance Survey (and you would be right in thinking that's where you live)

    As a UK Parliamentary constituency it is referred to as Na h-Eileanan an Iar - however as a Scottish Parliamentary constituency it is The Western Isles - however for Local Government purposes it is referred to as Na h-Eileanan Siar.

    Where do you want to live? :smile:

  7. Picking up on your comment, Les, I think the question of names needs to be brought into line. Having four different names for the one area is just plain ridiculous. Will put up a fully fledged post, this comment thread is veering off topic.