Saturday, 16 May 2009

Google Earth

Those of you who have this application installed on your computers may be interested to know that imagery of the Scottish islands has been vastly improved; Orkney looks as if new images are still being added, but it does look nice. Below image shows the Clisham from Mullach bho Thuath; a place I'm not likely to venture to.


  1. I use it and before I moved to Gravir,Lewis(sept08) the Google image was a total blur but now I can see my house/area clearly....very handy for showing people where I live when they never heard of Gravir....enjoy...RJG

  2. Gosh that's a great picture. I struggle with Google Earth. It isn't especially intuitive to use, and I've no idea how to get a picture like your delicious one of Clisham.

    'Flying' over Orkney on Friday was rather, er, cloudy! I couldn't see Kirkwall at all.