Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Comments and spam

It is sad that the number of genuine comments is eclipsed by the number of spam comments. It is a cause of joy that Akismet has eliminated more than 1100 spams - 500 genuine comments did make it to this site so far. What strikes me that there are hundreds of sites, using gmail addresses, trying to pander (probably fake) medicines, some quite illegal in some countries. Others try to lure you to their (probably boobytrapped) sites with fake compliments. And several abuse the trackback feature. I leaf through the dozens of spam that get cleaned up each day, just in case. But never was there anything that could be rated as a genuine comment.

Switch on Akismet if you haven't already done so.


  1. This is a very interesting blog it is just the kind of information that I am looking for...:lol:

  2. I am loving Akismet too. Brilliant invention :)

  3. I agree Arnish, the Askimet filter is brilliant.

    Tip from me: utilise the Askimet widget and display it on your blog (positioned in an out of the way place). It serves as a prompt to me that I should check the spam filter periodically to see if any bona fide comments have been filtered out.

    I know SarahMac was having problems with her comments not appearing when she first joined us but there may be others I guess.